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Zerno 11. December 2022.

Production Update 3

Dear friends,  December is just around the corner, and we remain on track to hit our goal of shipping in 2022. We appreciate your support and as a way to thank our early supporters, we are delighted to share that the Z1 Launch Edition will include some additional goodies!  Production Updates: We have received the […]
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Zerno 5. October 2022.

Production Update 2

Greetings from Chicago There’s a slight chill in the air, leaves are beginning to turn, and the Zerno Z1 Launch Edition pre-sale is officially concluded. We want to start with a sincere thank you to everyone who has chosen to support us. We had a handful of last-minute orders trickle in over the weekend bringing […]
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Zerno 8. September 2022.

Production Update 1

Greetings from Chicago! On behalf of the Zerno team, I’d like to wish you all a happy start to your autumn season. I have lots of exciting updates to share but I thought I ought to begin with a brief introduction. The Zerno team is growing and we have a new addition. With production beginning […]
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Zerno 19. August 2022.

The Z1 is here to stay, order yours before 9/30

While we’ve been busy testing new beans, 32 Zerno Z1 Launch Edition units have been purchased! The pre-sale will only be open a little longer, grab yours while you can!  We appreciate everyone’s support and are excited to begin working on the first units to our early backers.  To ensure our early supporters receive their Z1 Launch Edition […]
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Zerno 7. August 2022.

Additional Information On The Z1 Launch Edition

We appreciate everyone’s support and all of the questions that have come in over the past few days. Keep them coming, it’s the one thing that makes us better and helps us understand what’s important to you. Please accept our personal apologies for any miscommunication, it was not our intention. We recognize that there was […]
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Zerno 1. August 2022.


Congratulations folks, we overloaded the website with the current pre-sale campaign! We’re excited to see so much interest from you! We identified the cause of the website issue and at this time the website is back online. We want to make sure this technical mishap does not prevent any of you from purchasing a Z1. […]
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