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March Production Updates

Thursday March 7, 2024

Production & Delivery Updates

Z1 Round 4 (August):

Round 4 orders are shipping daily and the impact of our increased manufacturing capability has been substantial throughout February.

Final QA – An inside look into the process: This is the most critical component of the manufacturing process before sending your grinder to its permanent home, and is understandably quite involved.

Some of this process includes a 360-degree evaluation of the unit, taking pictures for internal QC, final cleaning and polishing, matching complementary accent pieces, verifying burr alignment, and the true test – grinding beans. It takes time, but it is worthwhile knowing that your grinder meets all of our rigorous quality standards.

Soft white(domestic & intl) – All units have completed assembly and are finishing final QA testing. These units should complete shipping by the end of next week. continued below

Jet Black(domestic & intl) – Around half of the units have completed assembly, and will follow with the final QA process soon after the white grinders have wrapped up. These units will begin shipping throughout the rest of March and complete in April.

Z1 Round 5 (December):

Production is in full swing for both jet black and soft white units, and are on schedule to begin shipping in May/June.

If you have any questions or concerns about your order/grinder, please email

Product Updates

Magnetic Portafilter Holder

Our manufacturing partner has been great at producing a very high-quality product, however not on the pace and schedule that we want. As a result, we have moved finishing in-house. We do not have an ETA on delivery of the remaining units at the moment, but it should be in the near term as we now have more control over them.

If you have a round 4 order and have a magnetic portafilter holder in your order, please note your order will be delayed until we receive all parts. If you would prefer not to wait, you can ship your MPH separately with an additional fee or refund if you prefer.

Magnetic Portafilter Holder

Upgraded Facility

While we love the larger facility we moved into late last year, we have already outgrown the space. The great news is that we are moving into a much larger facility that happens to be a neighboring unit to our current warehouse. We are counting down the days until the move, and looking forward to finally hopefully having enough extra space for a coffee bar : )

Thank You

Thank you all for your continued support, feedback and encouragement while we continue to scale and bring Zerno to the world.

Founder @ Zerno