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One bean, limitless flavor

Zerno offers a wide variety of burr sets to accommodate a spectrum of preferences.


Zerno Z1 is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of 64mm burrs, which offers the ability for users to experiment and choose their ideal grind. Which burr set you use depends on your preferred coffee style, desired taste profile and roast level.

Coffee Style – Traditional Espresso
Taste Profile – Full-Bodied, Chocolate
Roast Level – Full spectrum, best for medium to dark roasts
Recommended Pairings

Mazzer 33M

Mazzer 33M is a popular burr set for traditional espresso known for producing a high number of fines, which contributes to a full bodied espresso with more chocolatey tones.

Coffee Style – Espresso
Taste Profile – Heavy Bodied, Flavor Separation
Roast Level – Full spectrum, similar to CV2 for light, best for medium to dark roasts
Recommended Pairings

SSP High Uniformity

SSP HU with red speed coating are an excellent espresso burr set delivering heavy bodied espresso and good flavor separation. The SSP HU offers more clarity and a lighter body than the Mazzer 33M while producing a fair amount of fines.

Coffee Style – Espresso & Pour Over
Taste Profile – Medium-Bodied, Sweet, Medium Clarity
Roast Level – Light, Medium
Recommended Pairings

SSP Cast V2

The SSP CV2 with silver knight coating is a very unique burr set made from cast steel. SSP Cast V2 are a middle ground between the SSP HU and SSP MPV2 and do fairly well for both espresso and pour over. Great for medium bodied espresso with flavor separation, clarity and a sweetness to pour over.

Coffee Style – Modern Espresso & Pour Over
Taste Profile – Light-Bodied, High Clarity
Roast Level – Light
Recommended Pairings

SSP Multipurpose V2

SSP MPV2 with red speed coating provide the most flavor clarity, great for light roasts. Excellent clarity and flavor separation with a light body that produces unique and rewarding shots of espresso, but can be difficult to dial in.

Coffee Style – Pour Over
Taste Profile – Light-Bodied, Higher Clarity than MPV2
Roast Level – Light
Recommended Pairings

SSP Multipurpose V1

SSP MPV1 (Brew) with silver knight coating are the original brew burrs from SSP. This burr set is specifically designed for brew coffee and works very well with light roasts providing light body and high clarity.

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