We are zerno.

We are a team of designers and engineers who build professional grade coffee products for the coffee enthusiasts.

A better professional grade coffee grinder.

We have set out to design and build a zero-retention single dose coffee grinder that will allow the prosumer to explore flavor with repeatable precision and have it express its unique engineering and quality materials as a thing of beauty.
We will show you a better way to explore coffee.

Single dose operation with zero-retention allows you to explore coffee.

Vertically aligned grinding burrs enable you to go between different coffees with zero-retention of previous grinds avoiding flavor contamination.

Precision grinding gives you the freedom to experiment and repeat.

Precision engineering and design allows you to accurately move between different grind qualities while maintaining a repeatable and reliable output.

A coffee grinder designed with your kitchen and your counter in mind.

The form follows the function and materials showcasing the aesthetics of the zerno zero-retention grinder, and will be a piece of your daily routine that will awaken the senses.

We are a Chicago based team of designers and engineers in pursuit of new coffee expereinces…