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Wednesday June 22, 2022

Z1 FAQ Sheet

Burr alignment

The Z1 grinder is permanently aligned by design. How do we do this? We employ strict engineering practices to build precision housing measured to 0.02 mm. This makes the Z1 tight-fitting and more exact than the standards generally followed for coffee grinders. Regardless of whether you grind with the Z1 burrs or burrs you install, they will always remain perfectly aligned because they attach directly to the Z1 housing.

Colors and Customization

At launch, the Z1 will be available in jet black and pure white. The wood end caps will be available in olive wood and walnut.

Post-launch, we have planned additional colors and end cap styles. The wood end caps are magnetic, and we encourage your creativity in customizing the Z1 end cap to your taste, or to best match its place in your home.

Brew styles

     From espresso to pour over the Z1 grinder is designed specifically with the home barista in mind. To be explicit, during testing we had excellent results grinding for Turkish, Espresso, Pour Over, Filter, and Cold Brew.  For each brew style, we dialed in the grind size using the micron precision adjustment mechanism.  

     Many home baristas have asked can we grind light roast for espresso. The short answer is – yes we can! The Z1 is designed specifically with a powerful motor with grinding light roasts in mind. 

Burr size

     Z1 will come with a choice of  SSP or Mazzer 64mm flat burrs installed. We intend to add more choices in the future. We designed Z1 to work with a variety of 64mm flat burrs, and you can easily replace the originals. 


     We have a very powerful prebreaker that crushes the beans before they enter the burrs. This feature contributes to the uniformity of the grind.

Launch date 

     Expect to see the Z1 presale on our website soon.


     To be revealed at presale. We are doing our best to keep our promise of a sub $1000 launch edition.

Manufacturing and Assembly

     Z1 is assembled at our Chicago headquarters with globally sourced parts.

Noise level

     Z1 is designed to be quieter than the competition 


     The Z1 sits solidly on your countertop. The latest iteration of our stand is designed for rigidity.