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Production Update 2

Wednesday October 5, 2022

Greetings from Chicago

There’s a slight chill in the air, leaves are beginning to turn, and the Zerno Z1 Launch Edition pre-sale is officially concluded. We want to start with a sincere thank you to everyone who has chosen to support us. We had a handful of last-minute orders trickle in over the weekend bringing our final numbers right up to what he had hoped to manufacture for the Launch Edition run. Now that the pre-sale is over, we would like to share what you can expect between now and the receipt of your Z1 Launch Edition.

Launch Edition fulfillment timeline

Currently, we are on track to begin delivering units by the end of 2022. Bringing a new prosumer appliance to market with multiple custom components of exacting tolerances will never be a simple undertaking; doubly so given our current manufacturing climate. Despite those challenges, quality is one aspect we will not compromise on. This is an oft-repeated maxim in any ultra-premium market segment but allow me to explain why this is mission-critical for Zerno. In lieu of an elaborate marketing campaign, we see the Launch Edition Z1 units as the first real exposure our backers and the wider coffee community will have with the Zerno brand. Success for Zerno relies on meeting & exceeding the stringent expectations we set for ourselves at the outset of this project. What you can rely on from us is timely, transparent updates about any setbacks we might encounter and what we’re doing to address them.

Exclusive backer updates

While we will continue to update our full mailing list on the larger Zerno milestones, backers can expect to receive more frequent granular updates on the Z1 Launch Edition status. There’s a lot we’re looking forward to sharing about the design choices that went into the Z1. We have also hinted at some of the Launch Edition exclusive perks so be sure to check your backer updates for announcements and fulfillment details.

Finally, we know our backers are anxious to put some hard numbers on the performance of their Z1 Launch Edition. We know one metric folks are quite interested in is grind size distribution. As soon as we receive our final drivetrain components we intend to send samples to a third party lab for laser diffraction particle size analysis, the gold standard for measuring grind size distribution.

Zerno featured in Daily Coffee News

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out this excellent writeup by Howard Bryman for Daily Coffee News. Howard highlighted some interesting details about the design choices that shaped the Z1 and contributed some excellent original photography as well.

The team here at Zerno would like to end with one final thank you to the community. First and foremost to our backers who have invested both literally with their capital and also with their trust; we understand that the tools you choose to bring into your homes and use every day is a highly personal decision. Secondly to all those who helped spread the word in an official or merely casual capacity; those shares & likes help more than you know. And finally to all those who weren’t willing or able to join us on this Launch Edition journey. We certainly wouldn’t be here without more than healthy doses of skepticism about the way things should be done and it’s those hard questions that keep us honest and push us to continue improving. We look forward to the opportunity to surprise and delight you in the future.

Happy Brewing!

The Zerno team