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Mid November Production Update

Monday November 20, 2023

We are proud to announce that all orders from Z1 Round 2 have successfully shipped! With every release, we improve our manufacturing speed and the quality of our precision engineered grinders.

Production & Delivery Updates:

Z1 Round 3 May:

All Domestic Jet Black Z1 units are finished. We are inspecting and shipping them at the moment. We are 2 weeks away from fulfilling all of our Domestic Jet Black Z1 orders, at which time we will be over 50% of orders shipped(woo!). We appreciate your patience while we work hard to ensure every grinder meets our standard of quality.

All International Jet Black parts have been powder coated and are now being assembled. 

We have started powder coating the Soft White Z1 units as of Friday, November 17th. International Black Z1 and Domestic White Z1 orders will start shipping in early December. Our next update will have additional details, but feel free to reach out via email with any questions.

Reminder: Sign up for UPS to expedite the delivery process: You can create a free account with UPS here.

Note: This coming week is a holiday in the US and our team will be taking off a couple days after working overtime to help us catch up. If you are traveling this Holiday Season and have ‘do not ship’ dates, please reach out to us and we will work to ensure a smooth delivery.

Z1 Round 4 August:

Orders will begin shipping in January – be on the lookout for an email with cutoff dates and more information soon. In the meantime, check out our store for more info about accessories and upgrades.

The Zerno motor assembly as well as the majority of the other parts have arrived. As they arrive, we begin our inspection and processing of parts so we can start assembly once Round 3 wraps up.

Note: You can make changes to your delivery address inside of your account, but for any other changes please email

Zerno Innovations:

Owner Perk: We try to make our newest features retrofittable. The burr pull tull makes it easier and faster to swap your new pair of blind burrs. The Chute insert helps minimize static and retention. All grinders are now shipping with these.

Magnetic Portafilter Holder: We have a prototype in production (finally), we expect to see it in action over the coming weeks and will be sharing details as soon as they become available. If you have it in your order, we will send you additional shipping details.

Team Updates:

New Addition:

Welcome our newest support specialist, Brenda! She is dedicated to making sure that your experience is as delightful as your grinder.

Home Sweet Home:

After 2.5 months our new facility is fully operational. We are proud of our team for all of their hard work – it really does take a village!

As always, thank you for your continued support during our early days. We hope to give you an inside peek in all things ZERNO, and welcome you along with us on this journey!

Founder @ ZERNO