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Thursday December 23, 2021

We, the Zerno team, feel like we’ve been receiving our presents all year long – your genuine interest in our product. We are eternally grateful to our subscribers for helping us grow amidst these unprecedented times, fueling our passion for excellence.
2021 has been an unusual year with its ever-changing rules, constantly affecting our daily routines and lives. With it coming to an end it’s time to reminisce of the good times and turn our focus onward. We know that our followers are eager to see our grinder in action and we assure you that we are working tirelessly on making this dream a reality. Zerno is a brand born out of our thirst for expression and functionality through our products. We believe that in the end, our refusal to compromise our integrity for prompt results is the path to realizing our shared vision.

In 2022 we’ll use our newsletter to tell you a lot more about every decision we made for this project. From our design, through the motor, burrs, electronics and introducing the founder team behind it all.

We sincerely thank you for your support!

Cheers & talk soon,