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Something as simple and pure as the perfect cup of coffee can become the rudder of your day. Our ZERNO™ Z1 will give you full control over your coffee, so you can steer freely in the ocean of experiences that coffee can offer.

Our mission is to craft meticulous and beautiful products that leave no detail overlooked. We strive to bring joy and inspire fellow coffee lovers who use our Zerno Z1 grinder every day.



Crafted with love, the Z1 grinder has a simple goal – deliver the quality of big commercial coffee grinders to the countertop of the home barista. We took great care to build the smallest, most meticulously designed prosumer coffee grinder on the market that packs the biggest punch.

  • Single dosing with low retention
  • Grinds for espresso to pour over with custom stepless adjustment
  • Vertically oriented flat burrs, aligned by design
  • Oversized high torque motor
  • A prosumer grinder, designed to fit your kitchen
  • High quality all metal construction

Vertically oriented flat burrs, aligned by design

As home baristas ourselves, we enjoy trying out the intriguing, fresh roasts we come across online, while traveling and at local markets.  Single dosing allows you to quickly switch between beans and have full control over your experience.  Low retention was one of our main design focuses; ensuring no coffee remains in the grinder to taint the flavor of your next cup.

Grind with precision, stepless adjustment

From espresso to pour over we’ve got you covered. To be specific, we are seeing excellent results grinding for Turkish, Espresso, Pour Over, Filter, and Cold Brew.  For each brew style, we dialed in the grind size using the micron precision stepless adjustment mechanism.

Vertically oriented flat burrs, aligned by design

The Z1 grinder employs vertically aligned burrs to ensure grind consistency and near zero retention. Strict engineering practices guided the creation of the precision housing to make the Z1 tight-fitting and more exact than the standards generally followed for coffee grinders. Regardless of the burrs you choose to install, they will always remain perfectly aligned because they attach directly to the Z1 housing.

Oversized high torque motor

The motor is designed to deliver the maximum torque in the smallest package. Furthermore, it drives our powerful prebreaker that crushes the beans before they enter the burrs, resulting in a consistent grind, even with lightly roasted beans. This produces a light powdery grind, and the most flavorful cup.


Be one of the first to own the Zerno Z1 Launch Edition grinder! Our limited edition grinder will only be available for our first 100 customers. After we reach our first 100 sales, there will be no more launch edition Z1.



The Zerno grinder is our unique take on a third wave coffee grinder made for the home barista. We chose high-end materials to craft a high-end grinder, inside and out.

Our metal grinder design means your machine is sturdy, long-lasting, and beautiful. Its clean, uniform, and timeless style fits into any space.

The Z1 grinder has a customizable wooden front piece. Our decorative options allow your grinder to embody the look that fits you best.


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